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Emulsion Asphalt Plant

Features of Emulsion Asphalt Plant
1. Emulsifier solution technology products include tanks, piping and pipe, and are of high quality 304 stainless that provides absolute corrosion resistant.
2. Mixer tank and register tank coated with thin steel tank inside and with the additional companion of aluminum silicate preserve heat. It is wrapped by stainless steal and exquisite design.
3. Emulsification machine adopt modified emulsification machine which can manufacture modified emulsion asphalt and emulsion asphalt.
4. Basic asphalt pump and emulsion offering pump adopt frequency conversion speed with more convenient operating.

Strength of Mtr6 Emulsion Asphalt Plant
1. Easy installation
2. Fast installation
3. Rapid transportation
4. Accurate measurement
5. Simple operation and control

Performance of Emulsion Asphalt Plant
1. It has large touch screen, human interface, convenient for operating, and adopts high grade PLC control safety and reliable
2. Emulsion Asphalt Plant features super corrosion prevention
3. All fillings are international advanced technical products
4. Pneumatic valve adopt Shanghai fluorine-lining valve, Messenger return machine adopt Italy coil
5. Asphalt pump, finished pump adopt Qingtian Screw pump
6. lotion pump adopts famous brand special pump
7. Emulsifier tank and latex tank adopt high quality stainless steel 304
8. Mix tank and register adopt plastic inside steel tank
9. Soap delivery installation adopts fluorine-lining steel pipe
10. Heat recycle installation adopts stainless steel removable plate heat exchanger of Chinese famous brand with high efficiency and convenient maintenance.

Main Technical Parameters of Emulsion Asphalt Plant
Model MTR6
Productivity 6T/H
Emulsion Bitumen Mote Diameter < 0.2mm
Emulsion Bitumen Content >65%
Dimension(L×W×H)m 7×2.2 ×2.31
Emulsifier Water Liquor Tank Diameter(φ)×H(mm)
Asphalt Gear Pump Model 40 Type
Generator 4 KW
Flux 6T/H
Emulsifier Water Liquor Gear Pump Model 40 Type
Generator 4 KW
Flux 3T/H
Colloid Milling Model MTR6
Generator 15 KW
Flux 3-6 Club meter
Heating Conducting Oil Circulate Pump Model 50 Type
Generator 5.5 KW
Flux 2''
Conducting Oil Inlet Pump Model 25 Type
Generator 3 KW
Flux 1''

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