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Road Maintenance Equipment, Road Maintenance Truck, Road Repair Equipment

    1. LMT5160TYHB Road Maintenance Equipment LMT5160TYHB Tractor Broom Road Maintenance Equipment with heat preservation function is mainly composed of heat preservation bin, asphalt tank and heat transfer heating system. It adopts the car chassis in the second degree.
    1. LMT5250TYHB Hot Mix Asphalt Transport TruckThis hot mix asphalt transport truck mainly provides the maintenance service for the highway, municipal roads and arterial highway of first and second degree against the early problems like pit slot and cracks.
    1. Infrared Asphalt RepairDue to the pavement diseases such as pit slot, crack and substance, it is necessary to do the patching and maintenance work for the asphalt road. Then a large amount of old asphalt mixture will be cleared away after digging and milling.
    1. Asphalt Distributor TrailerLSB1000 Asphalt Distributor Trailer is a specialized machine for building and maintaining the road. It is widely used for the spraying work and the liquid asphalt transport with high temperature.
    1. Asphalt MixerAsphalt Mixer has record in its reliability, efficiency, quality and productivity throughout China as well as other countries. It is greatly used in highway road, mine, oil field construction and much more civil construction projects.
    1. Tractor BroomPavement cleaning truck is a kind of road cleaning truck, integrating cleaning and transporting. With easy constructer and convenient operation, such truck is suitable for cleaning roads and squares.

Road maintenance truck is a kind of highway maintenance equipment. The common ones are hot mix asphalt transport truck, Asphalt Distributor Trailer, asphalt mixer , etc. Our road maintenance truck is of compact structure, reasonable arrangement, flexibility, convenient swift, easy operation, stable performance. It is equipped with power units, and adopts ignition heating system. Our road maintenance truck is used for road maintenance, road greening, road standardization, and road beautification of subgrade, surface, bridge culvert, highway tunnel, highway ferry and facilities along highway.

As a leading road maintenance truck manufacturer in China, we are engaged in providing our customers with high-quality and economically-priced road equipment, such as Slurry Seal /Micro-surfacing Paver , Chip Sealing Distributors and Equipment, asphalt distributor, hot mix asphalt transport truck, rubber asphalt plant within the shortest time. With strong productivity, our annual machinery output reaches 500 sets. Sufficient inventory and convenient transportation enables us to deliver promptly from ten to thirty days. Additionally, we will server you with installation, operational training and instruction within time stipulated in the contract.

If you are in need of our road machinery, please feel free to contact us!