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LMT5160TYHB Road Maintenance Equipment

Brief Introduction
LMT5160TYHB Tractor Broom Road Maintenance Equipment with heat preservation function is mainly composed of heat preservation bin, asphalt tank and heat transfer heating system. It adopts the car chassis in the second degree.

1. The heat of the truck bin could be preserved by combing both heat transfer oil and gas. Its high heat efficiency could satisfy your demand of long-distance asphalt transport.
2. The heat preservation bin is equipped with hydraulic device to easily open/close the roof door. Asphalt mixture could be discharged through rotary at a controlled speed. There is an agitator installed in the bin for breaking the arch of asphalt mixture.
3. The tank surface material is the stainless steel. The thermal-protective coating is made of aluminum silicate. The asphalt tank and pipeline have good heat preservation performance since the truck adopts the heat transfer oil system. The pipeline is not easy to block.
4. It is safe and reliable to adopt the working equipment driven by the hydraulic pressure. The generator set with high capacity could supply power to the heat transfer oil system and other construction tools to adapt to various construction conditions.

1. The asphalt mixture of the mixing plant is mixed according to the required blending ratio between the asphalt and building stones. Therefore, the asphalt mixture could be directly used in the construction.
2. The asphalt mixture could be transported with heat temperature. The temperature will drop less than 10℃ per hour during transporting.
3. Cold asphalt mixture could be heated to 140-160℃ through heating the preservation bin around the clock.
4. The asphalt tank of LMT5160TYHB Tractor Broom Road Maintenance Equipment owns the functions of self-refueling, evacuation, preservation and heat.
5. The emulsified asphalt and heat asphalt are sprayed to be the tack coat. Then conduct air blow and cleaning using the compressed air after finishing spraying.
6. There are necessary power connectors, auxiliary device to finish rebuilding the pit slots and hoisting plant to save manpower.

Technical Parameter
Item Parameter
Model LMT5160TYHB
Product Name Hot Mix Transporter
Chassis Model DFL1160BX
Generator Model B190 33
Power (kw/rpm) 140/2500
Max. Torque (Nm/rpm) 650/1400
Passengers 3
Dimension (mm) 8480×2480×3080
Curb Weight of Vehicle (kg) 8950
Maximum Gross Weight (kg) 16000
Maximum Speed (km/h) 90
Fuel Consumption for 100 kilometers (L) < 20
Rated Volume for Asphalt Tank (L) 220
Rated Capacity for Heat Preservation Bin (m3) 5
Medium Permitted Viscosity (Cst) ≤300
Maximum Pressure for Cleaning System (MPa) 0.6
Maximum Pressure for Hydraulic System (MPa) 20

Construction Case

  • Construction Site in Hangzhou
  • Construction Site in Hangzhou