Asphalt Distributor, Bitumen Distributor

    1. Automatic Asphalt DistributorAutomatic asphalt distributor is a kind of road machinery. It is applicable for layer-penetration oil, waterproof layer and bond coat at the bottom layer of high-level asphalt road.
    1. Semi-Automatic Asphalt DistributorSemi-automatic asphalt distributor is a highly precise measuring asphalt spreader. It is often used to road construction and maintenance of bridges, highways, tunnels, airports, municipal works.
    1. Asphalt Distributor TrailerLSB1000 Asphalt Distributor Trailer is a specialized machine for building and maintaining the road. It is widely used for the spraying work and the liquid asphalt transport with high temperature. It features easy use, low center of gravity and compact structure.

Asphalt distributor is a kind of asphalt spreader. The common ones are automatic asphalt distributors, standard asphalt distributors, manual asphalt distributors, rubber asphalt distributors and the like. These asphalt distributor trucks are the main equipment for construction of highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, port terminals, and municipal works. With the adoption of asphalt penetration method and asphalt layer surface dressing method to build and maintain asphalt or residue pavement, the asphalt distribution trucks can carry and spray liquid asphalt, including hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt and residue. In addition, asphalt distributor can offer asphalt binders to shattered soil. With high operational efficiency and convenient operation, asphalt distributor can be applied to renovate asphalt solid soil pavement and road foundation.

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