Automatic Asphalt Distributor

Our automatic asphalt distributor adopts the advanced foreign and domestic technologies. In addition, we join with Chang'an University, Zhejiang University and other renowned universities in researching and developing new automatic asphalt distributor.

Automatic asphalt distributor is a kind of road machinery. It is applicable for layer-penetration oil, waterproof layer and bond coat at the bottom layer of high-level asphalt road.

LMT series of automatic asphalt distributor is made up of chassis, asphalt tank, asphalt pump, spray system, heat conduction oil heating system, hydraulic system, electric control system, automatic control system and rinsing series. The main fitting adopts the most advanced components with computer system controlled spraying. Our automatic asphalt distributor's accuracy meets Euro standards.

Together with the advantages of asphalt distributors in the world, with automatic asphalt distributor, we innovated four new technologies:
1. Any asphalt used is displaced.
2. Asphalt nozzle is multilayer filtrate and keeps the quality of spray.
3. Asphalt spraying is controlled by computer system.
4. Asphalt spray is suitable for asphalt pavement construction, which can improve performance achievements to international standards with zero tolerance.

Parameters of Automatic Asphalt Distributor
Chassis Model ZZ1257M4647C BJ5163ELFFD DFL1160BX BJ1123VJPFG-S EQ1110TJ12D5
Truck Type Cab-over-Engine 6X4 Cab-over-Engine 4×2 Cab-over-Engine 4×2 Cab-over-Engine 4×2 Cab-over-Engine 4×2
Asphalt Capacity(L) 12000 8000 8000 6600 6000
Spray bar variable(M) 0.-6 0.-6 0.-6 0.-6 0.-6
Spray bar Value (KG) 0.3-3.0 0.3-3.0 0.3-3.0 0.3-3.0 0.3-3.0
Spray Precision ≤ 2% ≤ 2% ≤ 2% ≤ 2% ≤ 2%
Dimension(LxWxH)MM 10500×2496×3350 8785×2455×3015 8995×2490×3200 8990×2350×2855 7995X2270X2870
Weight (KG) 25000 15800 16000 12005 11495

Strengths of Automatic Asphalt Distributor:
1. Automatic asphalt distributor boasts three layers. It can adjust the spray amount according to its operational speed.
2. The whole asphalt spraying process can be finished in the cab.
3. Each nozzle is controlled by separate computer. The spray width can be adjusted at random.
4. The control procedure is equipped with two control systems, cab and post operational platform to ensure the reliability of asphalt spray.
5. The computer control system adopts modular design for lower accident rate and maintenance.
6. The temperature of asphalt in tank is kept below or equal to two degrees per hour.
7. The distributor is equipped with automatic blowing device to shift the asphalt outside to the tank.
8. The machine is also equipped with spray gun device to add asphalt at the opposite corner.
9. Asphalt pump, nozzle and asphalt tank can be heated with heat transfer oil completely or separately.
10. The safe and reliable heat transfer oil heating system is controlled automatically.
11. Two kinds of speed testing devices are available: infrared impulsive sensor and America Dickey-John radar velocity.

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