Manual Asphalt Sprayer

Manual asphalt distributor is a product developed by China's leading machinery manufacturer - the METONG Corporation in China.

The natural appearance of manual asphalt distributor is very magnificent and awesome. The asphalt tank is made of stainless steel at the outer cover that gives a brilliant reflection and gives a great shiny impression.

The spraying capability is automatic at a uniform flow throughout the whole length of the spray pipe at the set flow rate to field requirements. The entire asphalt contact area from spray tank through to the spray pipe has a convenient clean-out system with good temperature preservation function. The main fittings and structural component adopts most advanced technology and much evaluation.

The operation of manual asphalt distributor is much more convenient and has a greater flexibility during operation. It has a greater advantage in uniformity during operation particularly if the spray bar value is less than 0.8Kg/m2.

Main Features and Characteristics
1. Out-cover of asphalt tank is stainless steel (Patent No. Zl 02 2 16280.1)
2. Asphalt, water sprinkling is of multi-purpose
3. Flexibility in usage with variety specially high-temperature asphalt, emulsified asphalt and modified asphalt
4. This manual asphalt distributor has two sets of pipeline cleaning system and doesn't require external cleaning methods.
5. Our asphalt distributor has a tremendous heating system and is equipped with rear lighting system.
6. It has two sets of spray gun that work synchronously.
7. Adjustable, rotational and tapered rear spraying nozzle.
8. Spraying pipe is flexible, rotational and can be folded with adjustable spray bar width of 0-6m.
9. Complete electronic monitoring operation equipment straight from its cab.

Main Technology Parameter of Manual Asphalt Sprayer
Chassis Model DFL1160BX BJ5163ELFFD EQ1110TJ12D5 EQ1090T9ADJ3AC HFC1081KT HFC1065K1DT
Truck Type Cab-over-Engine 4X2 Cab-over-Engine 4X2 Cab-over-Engine 4X2 Cab-over-Engine 4X2 Cab-over-Engine 4X2 Cab-over-Engine 4X2
Asphalt Capacity(L) 8000 8000 5400 4500 5000 3500
Spray bar Variable(M) 0-6.0 0-6.0 0-6.0 0-6.0 0-5.5 0-4.5
Spray bar Value(KG) 0.3-3.0 0.3-3.0 0.3-3.0 0.3-3.0 0.3-3.0 0.3-3.0
Dimension (L×w×H) MM 8995×2490×3200 8525×2440×3150 7960×2260×2860 7430×2250×2550 7375×2010×2520 6460×1980×2400
Weight(KG) 16000 15800 11495 9400 8490 6495

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