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Cold Milling Machine

Our cold milling machine is mainly used for the repair, maintenance or reconstruction of high grade highway, airport pavement and roads in other places. After more than 10 years' development, this road construction machinery has obvious advantages in control performance, driving performance, maintenance performance, working reliability and other aspects.

1. The milling drum of our cold milling machine manufactured with special technology is equipped with 100 milling tools and is able to work flexibly and stably. Its maximum milling depth can be 300mm.
2. The water tank is designed in a unique styling, making the entire road milling equipment look elegant.
3. This road maintenance equipment has complete protection systems to ensure the safety of the workers and the machine unit.
4. Famous foreign brand hydraulic and control components are used in the cold milling machine to guarantee excellent working reliability.
5. Automatic control system and user-friendly operation system reduce the working intensity of the operators.

Parameters of Cold Milling Machine
Milling machine model CM2000 CM1001J CM1001
Engine model QSX15-C600 SC8D220G2B1 6CTA8.3-C215
Engine rated power/speed 448/2100kW/rpm 162/2200kW/ rpm 160/2200kW/rpm
Milling width 2000mm 1000mm 1100mm
Milling depth 0~320mm 0~300mm 0~150mm
Milling tool quantity 169pcs 100pcs 9pcs
Milling diameter Φ1060mm Φ940mm Φ750mm
Milling blade tool blade pitch 15m 12mm 15mm
Revolving speed of milling device 100r/min 120r/min 105r/m
Minimal ground clearance 386mm 145mm 140mm
Traveling speed 0-5.4km/h 0~6.4km/h 0-6.4km/h
Operating speed 0-30mm/min 0~32m/min 0-35m/min
Theoretical gradeability 60% 35% 30%
Theoretical material conveying capacity 290m3/h 105m3/h 150m3/h
Water tank capacity 3000L 1000L 980L
Fuel tank capacity 1100L 400L 260L
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 100L
Travel drive mode Full hydraulic Full hydraulic Full hydraulic
Operating voltage 24V 24 V 24V
Operating weight 32000kg 15000kg 14400kg
Transportation dimension 12000×3000×2170mm 12360×2330×2700mm 10470×2270×2780mm

Pictures of Construction Cases