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Single Drum Vibratory Rollers (Full Hydraulic Single Drive Road Roller)

1. The single drum vibratory rollers we produce are full hydraulic single drive road rollers adopting SAUER driving and vibration systems to guarantee reliable performance.
2. Full hydraulic transmission and electrical-hydraulic control enhance the automation of this heavy vehicle.
3. Thanks to the mono-lever control system and CVT adjustment system, our single drum vibratory roller is easy to operate.
4. The single drum road roller is designed with a full hydraulic articulated steering system and a maintenance-free battery cell.
5. Double-frequency and double-amplitude vibration make for excellent compaction effects.
6. The braking system of this single drum vibratory roller has an automatic power shutting off device to ensure the equipment's safety and reliability.
7. The imported vibratory bearings used in our road compaction equipment are of good quality and the electric plug connectors we use are moisture proof, salt spray proof and fungus proof.
8. Its streamlined styling and upturning engine hood make our road construction vehicle more attractive.

Remark: Due to continual improvement of technologies, the technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

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