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Pneumatic Tyred Roller (Full Hydraulic Roller, Model KP306)

1. The KP306 pneumatic tyred roller is a full hydraulic roller equipped with powerful DEUTZ engine and maintenance-free battery cell.
2. Streamlined styling and upturning engine hood makes the road roller look beautiful.
3. The SAUER hydraulic driving system with stepless speed regulation function helps improve the compaction effects and enable our pneumatic tyred roller to better meet the road construction requirements.
4. You can adjust the road compactor's counter weight and ground pressure by increasing or reducing the weight of ballast or by changing the tyre pressure.
5. A reliable water sprinkling system with multi-level water filters is configured to our pneumatic tyred roller.
6. This heavy engineering machinery supports pneumatic hydraulic braking, full hydraulic braking and dry braking.
7. The operator will enjoy a good working environment using our road compaction equipment since its cab comes with comfortable seat, double operation devices and air conditioner.

Parameters of Pneumatic Tyred Roller
Item Unit Parameter
Operating mass (Min. / Max.) kg 30000
Ground pressure kPa 250-420
Compaction width mm 2750
Speed I km/h 0-7
Speed II km/h 0-14
Gradeability % 20
Turning radius mm 9000
Swing distance of front tyre mm ±45
Overlap between front & rear tyre mm 50
Min. ground clearance mm 290
Engine model - DEUTZ
Rated power kW 129
Tyre size (smooth) - 11.00-20
Tyre number (front/rear) - 5/6
Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm 5200×2845×3380

Remark: Due to continual improvement of technologies, the technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

Pictures of Construction Cases