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Soil Stabilizer ( Model WB400 with Special Mixing Drum)

Our WB400 soil stabilizer with special mixing drum is a upgraded product developed based on the WBZ21 stabilized soil mixing machine. This dual-purpose soil stabilizer can be used not only for mixing the foundation materials in road construction but also for crushing stones or breaking old asphalt pavements.

1. The CUMMINS NTA855-C400 engine used in our soil stabilizer is of great power and high reliability.
2. The hydraulic system employs world-famous tandem pumps arranged in alignment, therefore it has high working efficiency and its maximum working pressure is up to 35MPa.
3. With big drum, big inertia and bullet head shaped mixing tools, the stabilized soil mixer has higher resistance to impact and can achieve better mixing quality.
4. This soil stabilizer comes with standard configuration of a rotor suitable for both milling and mixing. Dedicated mixing rotor is optional. The milling & mixing rotor whose maximum milling & mixing depth is 350mm is used for crushing and mixing the old asphalt pavement; the dedicated mixing drum whose maximum mixing depth is 400mm is mainly for mixing stabilized soil.
5. The cab with ultraviolet resistant glass and environmental air conditioner allow the operator to work in a safe and comfortable environment. New styling of this soil stabilization equipment also gives the operator a wide operating field.
6. Electric controlled multi-way valves and load-sensing steering wheel make the soil stabilizer easy to operate.
7. Falling object protective structures and anti-rolling devices are fitted to our road construction machinery.

Main Parameters
Soil stabilizer model WB400
Engine model NTA855-C400
Engine output/speed (kW/hp) 298/400
Rated engine speed (r/min) 2100
Max. drum speed (r/min) 160
Milling & mixing rotor operating width (mm) 2000
Milling & mixing rotor operating depth (mm) 350
Milling & mixing rotor tool number (pcs) 160
Rotation direction of the operating rotor Reverse
Max. traveling speed (km/h) 24
Operating speed (km/h) 0-3.3
Min. turning radius (mm) 7500
Approach angle (°) 19
Departure angle (°) 16.5
Min. ground clearance (mm) 380
Tires (front/rear) 2×2
Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 8530×3128×3330

Pictures of Construction Cases