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Semi-Automatic Asphalt Distributor

Semi-automatic asphalt distributor is a highly precise measuring asphalt spreader. It is often used to road construction and maintenance of bridges, highways, tunnels, airports, municipal works.

Introduction and Application of Semi-Automatic Asphalt Distributor
Semi-automatic asphalt distributor adopts asphalt spray bar fixed value display device, nozzle auto-control device, etc. In the aspect of spraying, it has the same spray efficiency as automatic asphalt distributor, it can satisfy the high-tech requirement of high rate of road asphalt spraying. While the price is close to the manual asphalt distributor, so it is favored by clients greatly.
The outstanding characteristics of semi-automatic asphalt distributor are huge capability, high technology and reasonable prices, it adopts overseas advanced technology, and develops together with the research of Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Industry University, etc. We made the first in China, and filled up vacancy of the high rate of the asphalt distributor in China at present. This type of product has won Zhejiang excellence science product certification in 2002, five national patents, and satisfactory products by the clients.
Auto-burner controls burner's switch automatically.
Asphalt flow rate indicator can adjust spray volume.

Parameters of Semi-Automatic Asphalt Distributor
Truck Type Cab-over-Engine 6X4 Cab-over- Engine 4X2 Cab-over-Engine 4X2 Cab-over-Engine 4X2 Cab-over-Engine 4X2 Cab-over-Engine 4X2 Cab-over-Engine 4x2
Chassis Model ZZ1257
DFL1160BX BJ5163
Burner Model G20 G20 G20 G20 G20 G20 G20
Asphalt Capacity(L) 12000 8000 8000 6600 5400 4500 5000
Spray bar variable(M) 0-6M 0-6M 0-6M 0-6M 0-6M 0-6M 0-5.5M
Spray bar Value (KG) 0.3-3.0 0.3-3.0 0.3-3.0 0.3-3.0 0.3-3.0 0.3~3.0 0.3~3.0
Dimension (LxWxH)MM 10500×2496 ×3350 8995×2490 ×3200 8785×2455 ×3015 8990×2350 ×2855 7998×2260 ×2870 7445×2285 ×2560 7350×2010 ×2460
Weight (KG) 25000 16000 15800 12005 11495 9400 8490

As a professional semi-automatic asphalt distributor manufacturer and supplier in China, we also produce road machinery, such as Slurry Seal /Micro-surfacing Paver , chip spreader, pavement cleaning truck, modified emulsion Asphalt Plant, in addition to asphalt distributor truck. Besides, our company has received ISO9001 certification. With high efficiency and excellent performance, our products are widely used in the all provinces and municipals in China and more than forty foreign countries, including Russia, Kenya, Chile and Philippines. If you are in need of our semi-automatic asphalt distributors, please contact us. We are looking forward to working with you.