LMT5081TYH Road Maintenance Equipment

1. The LMT5081TYH road maintenance truck is remanufactured on the basis of the chassis which is well known in domestic market.
2. It could automatically elevate to feed stones and materials.
3. Its mixing tank adopts imported burner to ensure the efficiency and stability in work.
4. The Asphalt tank with thermal insulation function is equipped with a hand-hold spray rod for evenly spraying asphalt.
5. The generator with power 15KW installed in the truck could be considered as a mobile power station.
6. There is a large space in front of the LMT5081TYH road maintenance truck to load some devices including the plate, cutting machine and electric hammer.

Technical Parameter
Class Item Parameter
General Parameters Productivity ≤3-5T/h
Working Voltage 380V/50HZ
Total Power ≤15Kw
Dimension(mm) 6980×2120×3090
Hand-hold Asphalt Spraying Speed(L/min) 30
Chassis Power(kw) 80
Chassis Maximum Load (kg) 2495
Heating System Heat-transfer Oil Pump (m³/h) 1.5
Temperature of Heat-transfer Oil (℃) 100-160
Burner (KW) 60
Heat Time (h) 2-3
Asphalt System Capacity (m³) 0.48
Asphalt Temperature (℃) 100-160
Asphalt Pump (m³/h) 3
Pressure (Mpa) 0.6
Dedusting System Inlet Volume (m³/h) 1450
Minerals Elevating and Feed System Hopper Capacity(m³) 0.11
Winch Capacity(Kg) 300
Electric System Generator(KW) 15
Hoist System Electric Hoist(kg) 200
Truck-loading Facilities Max. Cutting Depth of Cutting Machine(mm) 120
Plate Vibration Force(N) 18000
Vibration Frequency of Electric Hammer (times/ min) 1450

Construction Case

  • Metong Road Maintenance Equipment in Sichuan