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MTR10A Modified Emulsion Bitumen Equipment

Brief Introduction
MTR10A Modified Emulsified Asphalt Equipment newly developed by Metong is suitable for producing all kinds of Emulsified Asphalt.

1. We mainly offer MTR10A Modified Emulsified Asphalt Equipment for midrange servers. This equipment quality is guaranteed. It features energy conservation, easy installation and easy use.
2. It adopts high-power colloid mill, which makes it possible to produce modified emulsified asphalt and common emulsified asphalt at the same time.
3. This equipment solves the ratio problem between asphalt and liquid soap.
4. The structure of Emulsified thinning tank could effectively reduce the time for collocating emulgator.
5. Collocating tank, storage tank and matrix asphalt tank all adopt the aluminum silicate material as insulation layer and have favorable heat preservation performance. They could be heated by the built-in heat-transfer oil tube to achieve a steady temperature rising.
6. The valve adopts the pneumatic control system and is easy to operate.

Technical Specification
Item Specification Unit Remark
General Parameter Model MTR10A
Name Modified Emulsified Asphalt Equipment
Productivity 10 T/h
Total Power od Electrical Equipment ≤71 kw ●Domestic Colloid Mill
≤71 kw ○Imported Colloid Mill
Dimension 11000×2200×2500 mm
Structure Mobile Combination Structure
Oil-water Ratio 5:5~6:4

Construction Case

  • Construction Site in Bahrain
  • Construction Site in Mali